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[free] Earn IT! with Email Starter Kit

They said, "The money is in the list!" ... so you started building your email list.  But now you're sitting here with a collection of email addresses and no more dollar bills in the bank. What gives? This is the exact reason that I created this FREE Earn IT! with Email Starter Kit! To take you from confused, frustrated, and a bit fearful about what to write and how to write it to your email list, to creating passionate and purposeful email communication that creates profit for your business

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[swipe copy pack] 28 Conversion Optimized Plug-n-Play Email Sequences

Want to jump start your email marketing game with a little swipe copy inspiration to speed up your results? This pack of 28 fully "swipeable" email sequences will take you from staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page, to profitable and proven email sequences locked and loaded (in record time), and ready to deploy for every scenario in your business.  Delivering a "freebie"? Hosting a webinar? Planning a launch? These 28 plug-n-play email sequences are ready and waiting for you! 

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[free] Simplified "Say Yes" Sales Mini-Course

Master your marketing, skyrocket your sales, and sell your "thing" like hot cakes. 

More clients. More waitlists. More income. More FUN.

Join the "Simplified Say YES! Sales Mini-Course" and learn the exact (super simple!) processes, strategies, and techniques to skyrocket your sales + bring in more clients in a way that feels amaze-balls to YOU! 

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[enroll] Make Email Work. Period.

Make Email Work is a 30-Day "binge-worthy" challenge designed to transform your email list into a powerful direct communication channel with your most loyal audience members and raving fans, so that you can simplify your business, while making more money, and spend more time doing what you love.

Imagine in 30 days time, having 100% confidence in what to send your list, when to send it, and how to write it to get results.


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Overlooked 2 Obsessed Waitlist

Increase your Influence.

Grow your audience.

Serve your tribe.

(and make more money while you’re at it!)

Overlooked 2 Obsessed is currently in session and will reopen soon!

Welcome to a unique 9-week program designed to help you create a freedom-based income stream online within 90 days of implementation through attracting your micro-tribe and mattering to them.

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