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[enroll] Make Email Work. Period.

[enroll] Make Email Work. Period.

Make Email Work. Period. 

 30 days to turn your email list into a passionate + PROFITABLE power player for your business.

If you're like most entrepreneurs I know, I'm betting that you ...

  • Get hit with “writer’s block” the moment you open up your email editor? 
  •  Feel confused about what you should actually be doingwith the list that you’ve built?
  • Worry about coming across as a sleezy “saleswoman” or an uninvited intruder in inboxes?
  • ​Have no idea what to say or how to write it in a way that inspires and furthers your mission?

You know your fears are causing you to miss out on a direct communication channel to your most passionate fans that care about what you do the most (and are likely to become your best clients). 

Not to mention, the thought of sending a “sales email” makes you break out in a cold sweat with thoughts of how much everyone is going to hate you, and how many unsubscribes you’re sure to get.

Many entrepreneurs that I’ve met have a total love/hate relationship with their email list

Some have even told me that writing an email is the most dreaded task in their week (which often gets pushed to the bottom and never gets done). 

Can you relate?

Imagine going from being filled with dread contemplating your next email, to feeling confident in your ability to craft passionate, inspired, transformational, and yes - PROFITABLE, email communication, that has the power to become the backbone of your entire profit strategy.

+ Picture writing emails that your audience is actually excited to receive, and anxious to open, read, and take action on as soon as they see your name pop-up in their inbox.

+ Imagine growing a relationship with engaged readers that are fully listening, providing you direct feedback on your offers, and giving you the opportunity to provide *exactly* what they desire.

+ Consider the ability to generate immediate results in real revenue from the sending of a single high-converting, and more importantly - highly engaging - email, that you wrote during a quick 30-minute timeframe.

+ Visualize having a clear understanding and repeatable process for writing emails that are 100% non-sleezy, creating a powerful and persuasive mechanism for inspiring action (and sales) in your subscribers

These are the exact results from other entrepreneurs who felt the exact same way that you do now about email. To say that they felt lost, confused, and disenchanted by email marketing is an understatement. 

That’s where Make Email Work. Period. comes in, taking you from feeling like you have no clue what to do with your list and no idea what to write, to crafting passionate and profitable communication that sells and inspires, generating profit from a single push of the send button. 

Make Email Work. Period. is designed to transform your email list into a powerful direct communication channel with your most loyal audience members and raving fans, so that you can simplify your business, while making more money, and spend more time doing what you love.

Hey, I'm Summer! Since 2015 I've been building my business primarily on the power of my email list. I tried social media, I tried live video, I tried #allthethings ... 
But when it came down to what moved the needle the most in terms of doing what I love, connecting with my audience, and increasing my revenue, it was clear that one thing stood about above all others ... EMAIL.

Now, after sending over 1 million emails (1.7 million to be exact!), my goal is to share the simplicity and power of an email-based business, like I've enjoyed, with you.

When joining Make Email Work. Period you'll become a part of a 30 day program that will help you craft passionate, profitable, story-filled communication with your list, along with a strategic plan designed to directly earn back your investment (plus more!), and quickly.

Imagine in 30 days having 100% confidence in what to send your list, when to send it, and how to write it to get results. 

+ Make Email Work. Period. is designed to be consumed in the way that you learn best! All the lessons are available right away and ready for you to "binge watch" in a single afternoon. Or do you prefer longer-term implementation? You can self-select yourself to receive 1 lesson per day for the next 30 days by email. It's completely up to you!

+ Some people love text-based courses that are easy to refer back to. Others prefer audio that is easy to listen to on the go. We get it! Our goal is for you to consume AND implement. So you'll have both text-based and audio learning available for all lessons within the program

+  In each lesson you'll receive actionable email marketing inspiration and instruction, and an accompanying mini-assignment for you to complete. Some lessons will be short, sweet, and very step-by-step oriented, designed for you to implement immediately, while others will be longer, and require a bit more introspection into its role in your business.

+ ALL lessons will bring you closer to the goal of feeling fully confident in exactly what to say, how to say it in your emails, and exactly how to communicate with your audience in a purposeful and profitable way each time you hit that send button. 

+ At the same time, you’ll receive access to the Make Email Work. Period. Insiders-Track 30 Day Support System. For the first 30 days after purchasing the program, hit reply to any email, send us your email marketing question, and you'll receive a personalized audio or video clip response to your question within 48 hours. Simple as that !

Is Make Email Work. Period. for me? 

+ Make Email Work. Period. is ideal for the online entrepreneur or small business owner who has an email list (we've found that between 10 and 2,000 subscribers seems ideal for this program), but doesn't know what to do with it. 

+ This program is NOT a “how to” for setting up your list or getting your first subscribers – you can get those results for free through our friend, Google. 

+ This is a systematic and action-oriented program for creating  an email marketing strategy you’re proud of to connect with (and ultimately convert) your audience.

+Ideally you have a ready-to-go offer (program, product, service, affiliate offer, etc.) so that you'll be in a great position to create an immediate ROI within 30 days.

+ However you can also use the Make Email Work. Period. curriculum to nurture your current audience even if you don't have an offer yet, building and priming that relationship for the future.

Throughout Make Email Work. Period, we promise that you will have ….

  • Cheerful support to make your learning process fun and actionable
  • ​Increased confidence and control of your email marketing, with less overwhelm and more focus
  • ​A complete mindset shift around how to write your sales emails, so you never feel like you’re “bothering” your subscribers with your offers again.
  • ​Specific strategies to easily write compassionate and genuine emails that actually convert.
  • A plan to craft a simple, passionate and profitable email launch sequence that creates an immediate ROI within 30 days (providing that you have an offer ready to sell). 
  • ​The ability to make a difference and make more money with the send of a single email.

When you master the strategies taught in Make Email Work. Period. you’ll not only make MORE money by tapping into the most powerful method of connecting with your audience, but you’ll also make a bigger difference in the lives of your clients and fans

Master the Art of Email, and you'll ...

Ever felt like you just can't get enough of someone's content? We'll make the same thing happen for your subscribers.

Create copy that takes care of the selling for you, so that you can sell out your entire program or secure your next client by simply hitting send.

Find the exact words that naturally attract your ideal clients (and repel the bad fits!), making your paid offers irresistible to them

Still trying to do #allthethings? Instagram. FB Lives. Etc. Master the art of email and you'll have a single platform that does all the "heavy lifting" in your business by nurturing, connecting, and closing your clients.

But don't just listen to me. Hear it from our Make Email Work. Period. members ...

"I sent out my first email of a story based launch yesterday and I've literally had my email inbox over run with people telling me how much they enjoyed the email and that we were looking forward to reading the rest of them!!! Wooohoo!!"

"Just an update, I cleaned my list of some old subscribers using your strategies and now my open rates have been anywhere from 21 to 31% depending on the subject line and send time (up from around 10%). Now, I'm going to try to analyze what send time work best for my audience.  Your lessons have been awesome!"

"I was so scared of sending a newsletter to my email list because honestly, I ghosted them for more than 2 months. I knew I'd get a lot of unsubscribers, but I took what I learned from Summer and this amazing program, and the results amazed me! I got pretty much the same open rate and people who unsubscribe as normal, so this makes me really happy, and I also have people replying back to me saying that my email story was brilliant."

"For anyone who's scared to send an email because it's been a while since you showed up in their inbox, I'd say try the Make Email Work. Period. method and just go for it! :)  Thank you Summer for hosting this program. I honestly learned a lot and can't wait to try other methods as well!"

In 30 days, you'll have increased confidence and skill in your email marketing — Or Your Money Back

I know it can be a tough decision to invest in yourself sometimes. That’s why I want to give you the chance to try the program at my risk!

I'm offering a 10-day, 100% money-back guarantee on the program.
So if you can’t decide now - you don’t have to! Try it for 10 days, and THEN decide.

Not for you? Send us an email within the first 10 days and you'll receive a no-questions-asked full refund.

If you’ve been desperately seeking the missing link or magical formula to make email marketing work for your business – how to craft passionate messages that inspire future clients, increase revenue, and allow you to do what you love – enroll in the Make Email Work. Period. Challenge today.


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