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[swipe copy pack] 28 Conversion Optimized Plug-n-Play Email Sequences

[swipe copy pack] 28 Conversion Optimized Plug-n-Play Email Sequences

Want to jump start your email marketing game with a little swipe copy inspiration to speed up your results?

This pack of 28 fully "swipeable" email sequences will take you from staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page, to profitable and proven email sequences locked and loaded (in record time), and ready to deploy for every scenario in your business.

Within this set of 28 swipe copy email sequences, you'll find the perfect emails to send when you are ...

  • delivering an opt-in "freebie"
  • hosting a webinar
  • running a 5-day challenge
  • offering a flash-sale
  • opening your cart/launch
  • closing your cart/launch
  • offering a downsell
  • cleaning your list of cold subscribers
  • sending an FAQ email
  • following up personally with hot leads

I'll let you in on a little secret ... the most sought after and profitable email copywriters around ... they never write their emails from scratch. {gasp!}

How do they do what they do so quickly, effortlessly, and profitably? They use their personal email swipe file that they have painstakingly curated over the years, to take them from blank screen to profit-producing email in record time.

In this pack, you've got the chance to drastically speed up your own results. When you purchase the pack of 28 email sequences, you're getting behind-the-scenes access to my own personal swipe file.

Take a tip from the best in the industry.

Stop scratching your head about what to write, and make money with the next email that you send, with this swipe file of 28 of my own proven and profitable email sequences

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